Thia Nailo

Dainty red haired Elvish looking woman with one half of her face covered in shimmering scales


Thia is a dainty elvish woman with long red hair that is always braided in two braids from front to back. She wears a silver hair piece around the crown of her head with a bright red gem in the middle. She has piercing green eyes with a hint of a golden circle around the pupil. Her skin is grey and a little pal…but when you look at her you cant look away because one side of her face is covered in shimmering like scales that are beautiful and unsettling at the same time. She is well put together and loves wearing colorful clothing. She also carries a quaterstaff with her, along with a cross bow. She doesn’t like to use her weapons but she will if necessary.


Thia is a scholarly woman who has possibly read every book imaginable. She loves information in any way, shape or form.

Thia Nailo

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