The world of Spectrum rotates on a central axis that anchors the world at the North and South Pole. The 5 lands of Spectrum all control a strip of land that connects to both poles’ colorless lands, The Mixture (north) and The Muddle (south). The world itself is divided horizontally into three sections.

The northern sections tend to be colder terrain, with The Mixture being snow choked lands, the Leylines carving out their telltale black lines in the glaciers and frozen land. The Northern Territories of the Kingdoms are frigid iterations of their normal landscapes.

The Muddle is more of a dry almost unbearably hot land, full of dust and rock.

The world of Spectrum is crisscrossed with these magical lines of power. Spellcasters pull magic from the land itself through these leylines. There is no rhyme or reason for their placement, nor a discernable reason for their occasional movement. Scholars say that the unique black gravel is a physical representation of the magick that binds the world together and when they move, this is the waves of magic shifting through the realm.


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