The Savior

Anders McTavish is the First Dreamer. He spent most of his adolescence preparing for a fight that he knew he could not win. He studied the martial and the arcane arts equally and became a powerful opponent. He used his abilities to help those who couldn’t help themselves. He spent most of his days traveling through the Spectrum that was, righting wrongs and playing peacekeeper to any that needed it.

Rare witness accounts say McTavish could appear and disappear in a shower of golden sparks. He would disappear and reappear moments later, but would look like he had taken a longer journey. He had come back with fresh wounds at times, or dusted in snow or ice. Once he came back in different clothing in a style that no one had ever seen before. The breeches he wore were the color of a dusk skyline, studded with small silver buttons with an unrecognizable pattern stamped upon them.

McTavish possessed a simple silver band that he wore on his brow, which allowed him to summon and mobilize The Dreamers. His force of will pushed through the headdress, and helped steer the Dreamers on their path.

McTavish used a powerful spell to trap The Ender in a prison deep within The Onyx. Months before the second Crusade started, it is said that the survivors of the original Crusade would find themselves sleepwalking and would wake up in strange places, with odd symbols drawn around them.

The Savior

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