Down once more
its a trap!

The party, after killing Krick and Kiz, decide to check out the basement and see what the can find in Frisk’s workshop. The basement is filthy, with human remains dropped at the base of the entrance ladder. Blood stains and gnawed bones are strewn about the three chamber basement. a few old traps are still armed, peppering the party with poison darts.

As the group moves through the basement, they hear sounds of struggle deeper in. As the party moves closer, they see a group of three ghouls tearing into some built in cabinets, attempting to get at someone who is trapped in there.

The soon to be ghoul dinner is none other than the Sorceress. She is bound and is frantically trying to keep the ghouls from eating her.

The party comes to the rescue, and fends off the ghouls. The more powerful of the ghouls was Benthen Rowe, the master of the house himself. He had been down here for decades, feasting on the flesh of victims dropped down to him.

Devout followers of The Destructor kept Benthen Rowe as a twisted mascot, seeing as he was a powerful member of their society during his life.

As the party defeats the ghouls, the trap is sprung. The entire room is an elevator, and the cables were cut. The party plunges down into a secret mine. The fall ends in a filthy pool of water. Buried beneath splintered wood and debris, the party manages to make it to the narrow shore of the pool.

Upon inspection, the series of caves is a mining operation. A gang of mephits mine out small amounts of glassteel. The precious alloy is pulled from the stone by a mixture of force and alchemical treatments. Once the party is discovered, the mephitis move to eliminate the intruders. The party suffers numerous wounds, but emerge victorious.

Towards the end of the pitched battle, another figure enters the complex, seemingly oblivious to the goings on. The ragged hunchback moves in a yet unexplored cave, and the party deduces that this is Transen Frisk, the warlock that helped Benthen Rowe strip mine the entire region. He moves to activate a machine that is powered by negative energy. The machine, once powered up, summons the ball lightning, and aims it in a direction that then seeks out a vein of glassteel.

The warlock activates the machine and leaves via a portal opened up in the wall. The portal is a teleporation circle that has been carved into the wall, making a permanent connection to another location. The party takes the time to dismantle and break the machine, incapacitating Frisk’s ability to summon and aim the ball lightning,

As the group escapes the complex, they see that the ball lightning that Frisk summoned was directed at the nearby town of Mercy. The party rushes to the town to provide aid in the midst of the destruction.

As they move through town, they discover that they are wanted for questioning in regards to the attack on Mercy. Knowing this is a ploy to trap them, the party flees into the night, attempting to stay ahead of the legionnaires.

The Mansion
what lies beneath

The mansion of Benthen Rowe is one of five estates the baron had built across The Muddle. The one outside of Mercy, Blood’s Desire, is the northernmost estate and the one that the party enters in the dark of night.

Blood’s Desire was the first of the estates to have a chapel dedicated to The Ender. The vaulted stained glass windows depict The Destructor with his foot on The Savior’s neck, blood flowing down a small pile of skulls.

The party discovers that the rest of Krick Blackhand’s gang is holed up in Blood’s Desire. They have been using the estate as a base of operations here in the Northern Muddle, while Vaden Dendrick and others seek out The Bag and the Bottle.

The party chooses to enter stealthily, and efficiently eliminates the rest of Krick’s goblin gunslingers and the kobold sappers. Towards the end, they alert the goblinoids, but the battle never pitches away from the party’s favor.

The chapel’s shadowed interior hides Krick Blackhand and Kriz Blooddrinker, the brother to the half ogre killed in the canyon. The party enters and fights against Krick, who is sniping from the raised alcoves, and Kriz, who enters a berserker rage and fights to the death. The party is victorious, killing both enemies.

After searching the house and chapel thoroughly, they discover a wrought iron ring, blackened as if in a fire. The ring, about four inches across, is a magic artifact called The Noose.

Overheard from the goblins they killed, they learn that a small pack of ghouls live in the basement of the house, which used to be the workshop of Transen Frisk, Benthen Rowe’s personal alchemist and Warlock. He designed a machine that could summon a semi intelligent ball of lightning that would seek out veins of glassteel and illuminate them for the miners.

The party decides to search the basement and find Frisk’s lab, seeking to uncover who is activating the machine and summoning the lightning.

A box, black as night, full of death
things get darker.

After the party leaves the gruesome scene at the canyon, they move along the tracks slowly towards Mercy. After a few miles, they discover an overturned train. Upon closer inspection, they see that this train is only a partial, being three blackened box cars. The panels are all boarded up, and they are on their side, as if they were rammed by something large on the port side. there is a lot of blood, and thick masses of flies cloud the air. There is a large swath of blood soaked sand that leads up the dune and towards a small mine. The party examines the train cars, and discovers that there is a lone survivor.

The Conductor. The party’s train conductor goes to speak with the dying man, who rambles on about The Box and The Bottle, and how they have to have it. He speaks of grave tidings, of a blood sacrifice to Andorak, The Enslaver. While this conversation is carrying on, a shifting noise emanates from one of the overturned cars. A large being bursts through the side of the car, and a skeletal minotaur emerges. The battle starts, and another minotaur crawls from the overturned car and attacks the party.

After a pitched fight, the party is victorious. They examine the train closely, and discover that this train carried a large amount of dead in one of the cars. Some of the dead have been that way for a while, while others were fairly fresh kills.

The last car, which was blasted open by the mysterious attack, looks like a mobile torturer’s lab, and has the wide fan of blood heading up into the hills. The party believes there are survivors of the crash, and set off in pursuit of the escapees.

At the mine, the party discovers, much to their horror and disgust, that all the “survivors” are actually zombies. A cramped, bloody fight rages on, until the zombies finally stop rising again and again. The party returns to the train, and rides on to their destination: Mercy.

While in Mercy, the party reports to Gaius Pellius Krooge, the leader of the garrison in Mercy.. They fill him in on all the happenings, excluding the mention of the Bag and the Bottle. Krooge offers his hospitality to the party, and invites them to a dinner celebrating their heroics out in the wilds.

The sorcereress visits Gaius Krooge’s personal library, and finds a burnt and mostly destroyed journal belonging to a dead prophet. The journal has one legible page, which shows a glimpse of the present whenever read.

Abu, wandering the town in disguise, ends up at the town’s tavern. Inside, he sees a goblin known as Krick Blackhand, a gunslinger and mercenary of some renown. Krick is the leader of the goblin band that has been hunting the party, and had lost most of his men to the group.

Krick and Abu talk and banter, at the end of which Krick offers Abu a place in his band. Abu declines, and the two part as amicably as sworn enemies can.

The party learns a few vital bits of information while in Mercy.

Krooge is the second cousin of the Emperor of the Ivory Kingdom, and was sent here to Mercy as a punishment for a severe failure. They also identify Krooge’s family crest as part of the symbol on the Bottle, which has a woman and child in a magical stasis.

A servant girl in Krooge’s household mentions to the group that her brother was one of the many servants that was taken to Krooge’s mansion in the hills. She says that none of them have come back, and that the house once belonged to Benthen Rowe, a glassteel baron of old. She asks them to help her brother escape, because she believes they are being held there against their will.

The party plans to check out the estate and see what Krooge has hidden in his closet.

The Journey's Start
a new friend; the bag and the bottle

After the attack on the Dusty Throat, the party is helping tend to wounds and repair the damage to the building. As some of the party are outside discussing options, they see a lone figure stumble over a nearby hill. his gait staggered and uneven. They see that he is covered in blood. They help The newcomer, an elf, into the bar. they disover that most of the blood isn’t his.

He relates to the party that he was a member of a small mercenary group hired in the town of Mercy. He and his companions were tasked with guarding a train that carried supplies and weapons to and from another settlement. On their way out, they were attacked by a scarred dwarf and his crew. The fight was brutally short, with the elf being the only survivor. As he escaped, he heard the dwarf, Vaden, asking about “The Bag” or “The Bottle.”

The Bag in question is in possession of the party, and was found on their own train. The Bottle was hidden inside the bag. The party decided to facilitate an earlier departure time. The Engineer reluctantly agreed, and started the preparations.

While the passengers were preparing for the early departure, the party circled through the group, some trying to organize those that could fight to protect the others, while other party members tried to convince the passengers to stay back with the owner of the Dusty Throat, proclaiming it safer than on the train.

About a third of the passengers decided to stay, taking the chance that the goblins didn’t want what was in the bar. As the passengers were attempting to board the train, a gang of goblins and kobolds attacked, forcing the party to defend the innocent bystanders. With a stroke of inspiration, the party used one of the round dining tables as a shield to protect the people from the bows and sling stones of the goblins.

The passengers made it safely to the train, and they left the Dusty Throat behind.
A few miles down the track, a second attack was sprung. Goat riders pulled alongside the train, their passengers attempting to board the train. A kobold boarding shield grappled onto the rear of the train, its captain attempting to board the rear car during the melee.

The party fended off this attack, slaying all of the goblins and the kobold boarding party. The train moved on, heading towards Mercy.

The train neared a natural tunnel that the Ley line traveled through. As they neared, a series of explosions triggered above, sending down debris and dust in an attempt to hinder and hide. Kobold net riders dropped from the overhanging rock, landing on the train and engaging the party. The kobolds got the drop on the party, doing some heavy damage to the party members on the train cars, but the party persevered.

At the end of the tunnel, a different train was overturned, blocking the ley line. The Engineer stopped the train, and yet another force of goblins and kobolds were lying in wait, this time being led by a half ogre.

The half ogre, iron banded club at the ready, demanded the train and all of its gear, otherwise he and his band would kill everyone. The party decided to go a different route, and challenged the half ogre to a one on one battle. Using their combined skills, the group helped the half orc intimidate the half ogre. The battle was quick and brutal. The half ogre died at the hands of the monk, who took a lot of damage during the battle.

With their leader dead, the kobolds fled into the desert. The party moved the overturned train, and moved on towards Mercy, leaving the wreckage and its aftermath.

Prelude to a Mess
of kobolds and snakes

All of the characters are descendants of the Lucky Lords, the special Dreamers who rose up and helped McTavish defeat and imprison The Ender.

Six months ago, the dreams started again. Visions of McTavish, bloodied and broken at the foot of The Ender. Waves of pain wash through the vision. The Ender stands triumphant. A blackened blade is poised, ready to strike. McTavish’s voice echoes through the minds of the Dreamers.
“The Ender cannot escape! If the prison breaks, all of Spectrum will suffer! He must be stopped!”
The party finds themselves on the road to Mercy, a former mining town in The Muddle, one of the many “crossovers” in the world of Spectrum. Mercy was once a font of glassteel, but the precious magical alloy was ripped from the land in less than a generation. Strip mining left the land burnt and broken and pockmarked with slurry ponds of noxious chemicals and magical runoff. The bones of the earth are all that remain, magick infused veins of stone that form natural bridges. The steam rails draw some of their power from the infused vapors. This powers the transports throughout the Muddle, and allows travel across the continent for a price.

Prelude to a Mess.
At the Rock Ridge way station the trains have temporarily stopped to allow riders from the local villages to board. The wait time is 6 hours. There is a bare bones restaurant, bar and inn here, called The Dusty Throat. The Throat has a number of “sleep closets” available, small rooms with hammocks or bunk beds for any passengers who require a nap. The food is plain but hearty, and the drinks are less watered down than most. The wind blows heavily through the valleys, causing warbling echoes to creep through the way station. The proprietor of the Throat curses and slams the window behind the bar.

“Those damned kobolds! Destructor burn them! A bottle of my finest brew to any that bring me a blasted ear of those dogs!”

As the first barrage of sling stones clatter against the walls, a thick, wet warble sounds over the hail stones, and is answered numerous times from all around the building. As the Innkeeper’s children attempt to close the front door, a large leather bag rolls into the center of the bar. Time seems to stop, the silence broken only by a muffled ticking sound. The leather ball explodes out in a shower of springs and a swarm of snakes pours out!

The other patrons of The Dusty Throat flee and hide in terror. A group of noble heroes rise to the occasion and fend off the kobolds. The rogue and the monk take the fight outside of the building, while the pair of sorcerers help distract and defend the bartender and his kids.

Outside the two heroes discover that an urd has joined the fight. The rare, highly respected winged kobold attacks from the sky, dropping rocks on our adventurers.

The party of Dreamers happened to be in the right place at the right time. They defeat the kobolds and save the day. During their post battle discussion, they come to a couple of conclusions.

1) This was a large party of kobolds, a size that usually isn’t able to function normally in these parts. The Urd may have been the binding factor, but who would send out the Urd? The winged monsters are seen as descendants of Dragons, and the kobolds wouldn’t risk their equivalent of royalty on a random skirmish.

2) there were tracks around the train, which shows signs of being hastily searched. They were looking for something….but what?

3)The Monk discovered a slaughter about a half mile away from the Dusty Throat. A group of miners who eke out an existence in a burnt glass steel mine were found dead. The group of humans were cut down efficiently and brutally. Kobolds didn’t do this…something bigger and more dangerous. There are a number of goblin tribes and bandits that wander this section of The Muddle, but why would they kill seemingly innocent people?

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