Prelude to a Mess

of kobolds and snakes

All of the characters are descendants of the Lucky Lords, the special Dreamers who rose up and helped McTavish defeat and imprison The Ender.

Six months ago, the dreams started again. Visions of McTavish, bloodied and broken at the foot of The Ender. Waves of pain wash through the vision. The Ender stands triumphant. A blackened blade is poised, ready to strike. McTavish’s voice echoes through the minds of the Dreamers.
“The Ender cannot escape! If the prison breaks, all of Spectrum will suffer! He must be stopped!”
The party finds themselves on the road to Mercy, a former mining town in The Muddle, one of the many “crossovers” in the world of Spectrum. Mercy was once a font of glassteel, but the precious magical alloy was ripped from the land in less than a generation. Strip mining left the land burnt and broken and pockmarked with slurry ponds of noxious chemicals and magical runoff. The bones of the earth are all that remain, magick infused veins of stone that form natural bridges. The steam rails draw some of their power from the infused vapors. This powers the transports throughout the Muddle, and allows travel across the continent for a price.

Prelude to a Mess.
At the Rock Ridge way station the trains have temporarily stopped to allow riders from the local villages to board. The wait time is 6 hours. There is a bare bones restaurant, bar and inn here, called The Dusty Throat. The Throat has a number of “sleep closets” available, small rooms with hammocks or bunk beds for any passengers who require a nap. The food is plain but hearty, and the drinks are less watered down than most. The wind blows heavily through the valleys, causing warbling echoes to creep through the way station. The proprietor of the Throat curses and slams the window behind the bar.

“Those damned kobolds! Destructor burn them! A bottle of my finest brew to any that bring me a blasted ear of those dogs!”

As the first barrage of sling stones clatter against the walls, a thick, wet warble sounds over the hail stones, and is answered numerous times from all around the building. As the Innkeeper’s children attempt to close the front door, a large leather bag rolls into the center of the bar. Time seems to stop, the silence broken only by a muffled ticking sound. The leather ball explodes out in a shower of springs and a swarm of snakes pours out!

The other patrons of The Dusty Throat flee and hide in terror. A group of noble heroes rise to the occasion and fend off the kobolds. The rogue and the monk take the fight outside of the building, while the pair of sorcerers help distract and defend the bartender and his kids.

Outside the two heroes discover that an urd has joined the fight. The rare, highly respected winged kobold attacks from the sky, dropping rocks on our adventurers.

The party of Dreamers happened to be in the right place at the right time. They defeat the kobolds and save the day. During their post battle discussion, they come to a couple of conclusions.

1) This was a large party of kobolds, a size that usually isn’t able to function normally in these parts. The Urd may have been the binding factor, but who would send out the Urd? The winged monsters are seen as descendants of Dragons, and the kobolds wouldn’t risk their equivalent of royalty on a random skirmish.

2) there were tracks around the train, which shows signs of being hastily searched. They were looking for something….but what?

3)The Monk discovered a slaughter about a half mile away from the Dusty Throat. A group of miners who eke out an existence in a burnt glass steel mine were found dead. The group of humans were cut down efficiently and brutally. Kobolds didn’t do this…something bigger and more dangerous. There are a number of goblin tribes and bandits that wander this section of The Muddle, but why would they kill seemingly innocent people?


Aww yeah!

Prelude to a Mess

When the ball of snakes entered the room, it was Abu Hassan that had the manners to offer them a drink by tossing them a bottle of potent liquor.

Prelude to a Mess

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