The Journey's Start

a new friend; the bag and the bottle

After the attack on the Dusty Throat, the party is helping tend to wounds and repair the damage to the building. As some of the party are outside discussing options, they see a lone figure stumble over a nearby hill. his gait staggered and uneven. They see that he is covered in blood. They help The newcomer, an elf, into the bar. they disover that most of the blood isn’t his.

He relates to the party that he was a member of a small mercenary group hired in the town of Mercy. He and his companions were tasked with guarding a train that carried supplies and weapons to and from another settlement. On their way out, they were attacked by a scarred dwarf and his crew. The fight was brutally short, with the elf being the only survivor. As he escaped, he heard the dwarf, Vaden, asking about “The Bag” or “The Bottle.”

The Bag in question is in possession of the party, and was found on their own train. The Bottle was hidden inside the bag. The party decided to facilitate an earlier departure time. The Engineer reluctantly agreed, and started the preparations.

While the passengers were preparing for the early departure, the party circled through the group, some trying to organize those that could fight to protect the others, while other party members tried to convince the passengers to stay back with the owner of the Dusty Throat, proclaiming it safer than on the train.

About a third of the passengers decided to stay, taking the chance that the goblins didn’t want what was in the bar. As the passengers were attempting to board the train, a gang of goblins and kobolds attacked, forcing the party to defend the innocent bystanders. With a stroke of inspiration, the party used one of the round dining tables as a shield to protect the people from the bows and sling stones of the goblins.

The passengers made it safely to the train, and they left the Dusty Throat behind.
A few miles down the track, a second attack was sprung. Goat riders pulled alongside the train, their passengers attempting to board the train. A kobold boarding shield grappled onto the rear of the train, its captain attempting to board the rear car during the melee.

The party fended off this attack, slaying all of the goblins and the kobold boarding party. The train moved on, heading towards Mercy.

The train neared a natural tunnel that the Ley line traveled through. As they neared, a series of explosions triggered above, sending down debris and dust in an attempt to hinder and hide. Kobold net riders dropped from the overhanging rock, landing on the train and engaging the party. The kobolds got the drop on the party, doing some heavy damage to the party members on the train cars, but the party persevered.

At the end of the tunnel, a different train was overturned, blocking the ley line. The Engineer stopped the train, and yet another force of goblins and kobolds were lying in wait, this time being led by a half ogre.

The half ogre, iron banded club at the ready, demanded the train and all of its gear, otherwise he and his band would kill everyone. The party decided to go a different route, and challenged the half ogre to a one on one battle. Using their combined skills, the group helped the half orc intimidate the half ogre. The battle was quick and brutal. The half ogre died at the hands of the monk, who took a lot of damage during the battle.

With their leader dead, the kobolds fled into the desert. The party moved the overturned train, and moved on towards Mercy, leaving the wreckage and its aftermath.


Abu noted with some concern that Strife seemed particularly interested in killing or abandoning the commoners to the goblins and kobolds. Abu has started keeping one eye on the warlock, even weighing his words for lies.

During the battle Abu proved himself by leaping onto a battle goat, killing both driver and rider, then converting the goat into a road bola. Later, on the train top, Abu and Lutheraan layed waste to would be invaders with a deadly suite of accurately fired arrows..

Finally, it was Abu’s idea to pit Cookie against the half ogre in single combat instead of facing the whole force.

The Journey's Start

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