The Mansion

what lies beneath

The mansion of Benthen Rowe is one of five estates the baron had built across The Muddle. The one outside of Mercy, Blood’s Desire, is the northernmost estate and the one that the party enters in the dark of night.

Blood’s Desire was the first of the estates to have a chapel dedicated to The Ender. The vaulted stained glass windows depict The Destructor with his foot on The Savior’s neck, blood flowing down a small pile of skulls.

The party discovers that the rest of Krick Blackhand’s gang is holed up in Blood’s Desire. They have been using the estate as a base of operations here in the Northern Muddle, while Vaden Dendrick and others seek out The Bag and the Bottle.

The party chooses to enter stealthily, and efficiently eliminates the rest of Krick’s goblin gunslingers and the kobold sappers. Towards the end, they alert the goblinoids, but the battle never pitches away from the party’s favor.

The chapel’s shadowed interior hides Krick Blackhand and Kriz Blooddrinker, the brother to the half ogre killed in the canyon. The party enters and fights against Krick, who is sniping from the raised alcoves, and Kriz, who enters a berserker rage and fights to the death. The party is victorious, killing both enemies.

After searching the house and chapel thoroughly, they discover a wrought iron ring, blackened as if in a fire. The ring, about four inches across, is a magic artifact called The Noose.

Overheard from the goblins they killed, they learn that a small pack of ghouls live in the basement of the house, which used to be the workshop of Transen Frisk, Benthen Rowe’s personal alchemist and Warlock. He designed a machine that could summon a semi intelligent ball of lightning that would seek out veins of glassteel and illuminate them for the miners.

The party decides to search the basement and find Frisk’s lab, seeking to uncover who is activating the machine and summoning the lightning.



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