Down once more

its a trap!

The party, after killing Krick and Kiz, decide to check out the basement and see what the can find in Frisk’s workshop. The basement is filthy, with human remains dropped at the base of the entrance ladder. Blood stains and gnawed bones are strewn about the three chamber basement. a few old traps are still armed, peppering the party with poison darts.

As the group moves through the basement, they hear sounds of struggle deeper in. As the party moves closer, they see a group of three ghouls tearing into some built in cabinets, attempting to get at someone who is trapped in there.

The soon to be ghoul dinner is none other than the Sorceress. She is bound and is frantically trying to keep the ghouls from eating her.

The party comes to the rescue, and fends off the ghouls. The more powerful of the ghouls was Benthen Rowe, the master of the house himself. He had been down here for decades, feasting on the flesh of victims dropped down to him.

Devout followers of The Destructor kept Benthen Rowe as a twisted mascot, seeing as he was a powerful member of their society during his life.

As the party defeats the ghouls, the trap is sprung. The entire room is an elevator, and the cables were cut. The party plunges down into a secret mine. The fall ends in a filthy pool of water. Buried beneath splintered wood and debris, the party manages to make it to the narrow shore of the pool.

Upon inspection, the series of caves is a mining operation. A gang of mephits mine out small amounts of glassteel. The precious alloy is pulled from the stone by a mixture of force and alchemical treatments. Once the party is discovered, the mephitis move to eliminate the intruders. The party suffers numerous wounds, but emerge victorious.

Towards the end of the pitched battle, another figure enters the complex, seemingly oblivious to the goings on. The ragged hunchback moves in a yet unexplored cave, and the party deduces that this is Transen Frisk, the warlock that helped Benthen Rowe strip mine the entire region. He moves to activate a machine that is powered by negative energy. The machine, once powered up, summons the ball lightning, and aims it in a direction that then seeks out a vein of glassteel.

The warlock activates the machine and leaves via a portal opened up in the wall. The portal is a teleporation circle that has been carved into the wall, making a permanent connection to another location. The party takes the time to dismantle and break the machine, incapacitating Frisk’s ability to summon and aim the ball lightning,

As the group escapes the complex, they see that the ball lightning that Frisk summoned was directed at the nearby town of Mercy. The party rushes to the town to provide aid in the midst of the destruction.

As they move through town, they discover that they are wanted for questioning in regards to the attack on Mercy. Knowing this is a ploy to trap them, the party flees into the night, attempting to stay ahead of the legionnaires.



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