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  • The Journey's Start

    After the attack on the Dusty Throat, the party is helping tend to wounds and repair the damage to the building. As some of the party are outside discussing options, they see a lone figure stumble over a nearby hill. his gait staggered and uneven. They

  • A box, black as night, full of death

    After the party leaves the gruesome scene at the canyon, they move along the tracks slowly towards Mercy. After a few miles, they discover an overturned train. Upon closer inspection, they see that this train is only a partial, being three blackened box

  • The Mansion

    The mansion of Benthen Rowe is one of five estates the baron had built across The Muddle. The one outside of Mercy, Bloods Desire, is the northernmost estate and the one that the party enters in the dark of night.

    Bloods Desire was