Malachite Forest

A massive forest, The Malachite holds its children close to its heart. The massive trees support whole cities and villages in the canopy, while other towns wrap around and through the massive trunks and dark, rich soil. Elven nations stand around the borders as bulwarks against intruders and interlopers. Druidic sects have miles upon miles of land to tend to. Intelligent beasts and treefolk live among the fey as well.

The frozen north hold massive conifers that shield the fey that dwell in the cold.

The south is shadowed by immense redwoods that provide a natural border between the Malachite and the Muddle.

The Primary Tenets of The Malachite Kingdom are:
*Instinct: which is Natural Decisions
*Interdependence: which is Natural Survival
Characteristics of the Malachite Kingdom are: Naiveté, Growth and Nature.

Malachite Factions:

Preservation Society of Ak’vala- The Preservers work first and foremost to preserve wildlife, both mundane and magical. They believe that killing for necessity is acceptable but for sport or plunder is not. The Preservers have a list of animals and beasts they are attempting to find, so that they may study then in their natural habitat and eventually move to their hidden Preserve, to maintain the balance of Nature.

The Dancing Blades- This elvish led band is dedicated to protecting the Malachite from enemies, home and abroad. They are recognizable by their distinctive weaponry which are designed to mesmerize and confuse enemies.

Malachite Rulers

Chirak Wildheart-Ancient loremaster, Elven King. Chirak is one of the few living beings that is able to remember the world that was. He is close mouthed about it, and the few that have been able to broach the subject have glimpsed a pain too deep to forget.

Alric the Keen- leader and protector of the human settlements within the Forest. Dedicated to establishing secure trade with the Elves and humans, and a peacekeeper between all intelligent beings that live beneath the trees.

Malachite Forest

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